Keratin I Tip

We use quality Italian keratin to create the bond. The ties are made manually, which makes it possible to avoid the hair being pulled out. For one full extension is usually used 100 – 150 capsules, equivalent to 100 150g. The hair company coal mill can offer a variety of keratin tip colors, including ombre and fantasy colors. Every bond on the strands made in our factory is manual from Italian keratin. The tie size is ideal for forming a neat tie around the client’s head. The hair on the ties is made from donor cut. The gentle manual processing of each tail allows us to retain all its natural qualities. All hair is protected by a natural cuticle layer, so hair becomes elastic and has a natural shine. Our hair is no different from the client’s own hair. We do not use chemicals, do not iron our hair before selling it and do not cover it with silicone. Each set for extensions is manually washed before being sold and goes through quality control.

Colour List
Colour List

Production time: 1-3 weeks (according to order quantity)